Do you like pets and animals; dogs, cats, ponies, goats etc…?

Have you ever thought that having a pony to ride, a dog to walk and play with, a cat to sit on your lap, would be nice on your holiday? Then you could use your love of pets, animals, to your advantage.

You never have to pay any accommodation costs, but you have a very memorable holiday.

Holidays with pets and animals

I love having a holiday with pets, but that’s because I really do love animals, as a whole. Some of my most memorable holidays have been with animals, of different kinds. As a child, I remember a holiday we had on the West Coast, South Island of NZ; on my auntie’s farm at Ikamatua.

Farm pets

There were horses, sheep, and a big billy goat named Jerry on this farm.  The horses and Jerry the goat, were pets. As kids, we had so much fun riding the horses and walking Jerry the goat. My aunt Dorothy even used to let Jerry, jump up at her, and play with her! This holiday in particular sticks in my mind, and what really made this holiday so special and fun were; the animals.

Holiday with pets for free virtually anywhere in the world wherever there are pets or animals                                              

This brings me to the point of this post: You can go basically anywhere in the world and holiday with pets for free. When I say holiday for free, I mean stay on your holiday for free. To do this you become a House Sitter. To become a House Sitter, see how easy it is to become a House Sitter in Australia here. You can also see how very easy it is, to become a House Sitter in New Zealand right here.

Get paid to do House Sitting

You can also get paid to do House Sitting for homeowners; they will employ you to House Sit! Being paid for House Sitting is an amazing way to save money, whilst getting paid! You save by not having accommodation rental costs on your holiday.

Your holidays with pets; a huge amount of choices

Imagine having a holiday with pets for free in the South Pacific Islands;  House Sitting for a homeowner there? What a great way to explore with no accommodation costs! Australia is vast, there are many Australian House Sitting jobs available for you to choose from. Check out these current Aussie House Sitting vacancies!

You can see then, that you can put your love of pets and animals to great use, allowing you to holiday with pets for free, in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific region.

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