Need someone to look after your Southland home, pets, your hobby farm, or farmlet, while you’re away? House Sitting can help provide House Sitters to Southlanders; homeowners and pet owners.

These House Sitters will take loving care of your Southland, home, pets, Farmlet, while you’re away.

Need a House Sitter

Why use a House Sitter   

The advantages of using a House Sitter for your home, pets, Farmlet, Hobby Farm while you are away, are as follows

  • The pets or animals thrive in their own environment
  • Less stress on your pets or animals
  • Using a House Sitter increases your property security
  • You can rest assured that your animals are happier than being put in pet Boarding Kennels or animal Motels
  • Farmlet or Hobby Farm owners can enjoy time away

Providing Help to Pet Animal Owners

House Sitting The aim is to help people

One of the reasons House Sitting was started, was to help people. As I have health issues and have always liked animals, pets, farms, I needed something to do to be able to incorporate these things into something useful. House Sitting indeed is the answer. I have never looked back! Love it! Now I have started providing House Sitters to Southlanders, and it works so well.

Southland House Sitters

Providing House Sitters                                                

We take pride in providing House Sitters to Southlanders. These Southlanders; House Sitters like myself, are extremely reliable and helpful. You may contact us here to get a Southlander as your House Sitter. They use House Sitting as a chance to help people and have a change of their surroundings. It works very well for all.

Want to be a House Sitter for us

Become a House Sitter with House Sitting

If you wish to become a House Sitter in Southland with House Sitting why don’t you contact us here. It is so rewarding to help people, and also looking after pets of all kinds, is fun.

Tourists can make great House Sitters

Toby the Cocker Spaniel. Handsome boy isn’t he?

Southland has much to offer the tourist, especially as Southland is the largest and most beautiful province in New Zealand. Southland tourists can make really good House Sitters for your pets, Farmlets, and your homes. Tourists come to  Southland, New Zealand, seeking cheap accommodation, so House Sitting works really well for them. 


Check out your Pet Sitter

It is wise to check them out the proposed Pet Sitter properly yourself. There are things to watch out for. Take a look at this how to choose the best pet Sitter for your pets. It’s a series of 5 tips to detect whether your Pet Sitter, House Sitter is there for the right reasons.



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