When you are away, you may want to find a House Sitting job in New Zealand (NZ)

Here’s how to find a House Sitting job in NZ while you’re in another country.

Some people seem to struggle with the idea of finding a House Sitting job in New Zealand while they are away and in another country. It really is simple, and will only cost you $65.00NZ, to apply for as many NZ House Sitting jobs as you want each year! Here’s how to find your New Zealand House Sitting job…


Use the best NZ House Sitting website to find your NZ House Sitting job

Finding a House Sitting job in NZ is really easy using the Kiwi House Sitters website. The simplicity of the Kiwi House Sitters website makes using the website a real pleasure.

Which part of NZ do you want to House Sit in

If you look up Kiwi House Sitters and CLICK HERE¬† Have a think about which part of beautiful NZ you want to go House Sitting in…. North Island or South Island?

Using the Kiwi House Sitters Website

You will find the Location Filters on your left-hand side of the screen. If you click on THE NORTH ISLAND BUTTON you will find all of New Zealand’s North Island House Sitting jobs. The same applies if you click on THE SOUTH ISLAND BUTTON.

Queenstown area; a million dollar view!

Register as a House Sitter

Once you register, this opens up all the House Sit application details you need to contact the homeowner

Once you have found a House Sitting job in New Zealand, it is then your choice if you want to register as a Kiwi House Sitter. This will cost you a very reasonable $65.00NZ. Once you have registered, you have a whole year of fabulous House Sitting throughout NZ. Pretty cheap for so much fun, and the chance to experience life in different New Zealand surroundings!

Maybe you would be lucky enough like I was to be House Sitting on beautiful Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. This really is the ultimate place to do a House Sitting job. Wild deer roam the Stewart Island roads. The largest Kiwis in NZ are the Stewart Island Kiwi. If you love nature, and pristine surroundings, then you would love Stewart Island.

Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes


House Sitter Profile

Check out some profile to get clues so you can make your House Sitter profile stand out

You can create your own profile on Kiwi House Sitters, and be advertised as a House Sitter. Take a look at some of these profiles of House Sitters, CLICK HERE This will give you an idea as to how you can make up your own outstanding House Sitter profile. You want your House Sitter profile to really stand out!

Toby the Cocker Spaniel.

Create your House Sitter Profile

You can have your House Sitter profile¬† and registration completed and running live on Kiwi House Sitters website, even whilst you’re out of NZ. This will give you a head start in finding a House Sitting job in NZ. Homeowners may even contact you whilst you are out of NZ wanting your House Sitting skills.

Get your House Sitter profile done pronto!

As you can see; finding a House Sitting job in NZ is easy even if you aren’t actually in New Zealand. I urge you to try and make up a fantastic profile of yourself. It will help NZ homeowners to choose you.

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