I’ve got cancer. I hate that C word, but it’s not as hard to say it now as it was.

You may wonder why House Sitting is therapy whilst battling cancer? Well here’s why I think House Sitting and cancer are great together…

House Sitting caring helps bring me a calmness

House Sitting and caring for the home-owners pets and property gives me a huge feeling of fulfilment. I use this feel-good feeling on myself, using it, to sooth away the horrible thoughts that surround this cancer. Helping people, by House Sitting (even while I’m sick) brings a sense of calmness over me. I’m actually sidetracking my mind away from my own cancer condition.

Multiple Myeloma, it’s no dream, it’s happening

I’ve got Multiple Myeloma an insidious form of cancer for which there is no really good prognosis. I still can’t believe it! I wake up each morning realising this is no dream, sadly. It’s real, and it’s happening to me. I’m undergoing a form of Chemotherapy which hopefully will help to hold this cancer at bay.

Animal therapy helps, whilst battling cancer

House Sitting normally involves pets; have you ever heard of animal therapy? Well, House Sitting provides a kind of animal therapy whilst I’m battling cancer. See the post I wrote sometime ago, Pets are therapeutic click HERE.  That’s also why I love House Sitting so much; because there is a complete peacefulness about just being one on one. For example a dog and a human, it feels so therapeutic. It is.

House Sitting while I receive cancer treatment

I’ve actually just taken a House Sitting job in Invercargill, even whilst I’m under going Chemotherapy. I thought that this House Sitting job would be an extremely peaceful way to endure part of my Chemotherapy treatment while I’m battling cancer. It works well; having the Chemotherapy treatment not too far away from the House Sitting job. After the treatment I can come back to the quiet home with a lovely small dog to care for, and no bugs to catch from anyone!

House Sitting therapy, even without pets

House Sitting while battling cancer is in itself, therapy; even without any pets. Just by changing one’s surroundings, for a different part of the country, you gain rent free accommodation and a vacation. Rest and relaxation in a place of your choice! This all makes for a restful, and rewarding experience.






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