There are many people out there searching for longer House Sitting work in Invercargill, but we need Home owners for our House Sitters. 

I have had a quite a few people recently seeking House Sitting jobs in Invercargill. They especially are looking for longer House Sitting work in and around Invercargill. It’s not surprising though, with housing rental getting higher, it make a great option, IF YOU CAN GET THE HOUSE SITTING WORK THAT IS…

There aren’t enough Invercargill home owners or pet owners listing for House Sitters wanted

We seem to have a problem though: We haven’t got enough Invercargill home owners, or pet owners who are willing to advertise their Invercargill House Sitting vacancy. We need more Invercargill Home and pet owners wanting to use House Sitting House Sitters! Until we get more Invercargill and surrounding district people, trusting enough to use House Sitters, then House Sitting down here will just fade away.

We can organize House Sitters for you, particularly longer House Sitting work in and around Invercargill

I ask any Invercargill home owners and pet owners, to give me a phone call on 0273342072 or send an email to I have got House Sitters wanting longer Invercargill House Sitting jobs. This works well if you want to go on a long holiday, or if you want to go overseas. These House Sitters just love settling in for a while and caring for your pets or your property.

Take a look again, in the following points, at the benefits of using a House Sitter …

  • House Sitters give your pets love and care whist you are away
  • Your home and property is much safer with someone occupying your home and moving around the section, as it helps to put off any burglars
  • You may get your lawns mowed, or gardens watered or tended to by your House Sitter
  • There’s nothing like coming home to a nice tidy property after a holiday

Become part of House Sitting we’ll try to match you up with a good House Sitter

We need more Invercargill home owners who wish to list on House Sitting to get a House Sitter to care for their Invercargill homes and pets and properties.

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