A Warm Welcome to you

The founder of House Sitting Club with his pet Spaniel, Toby

Hey there, I’m Jeff Hawkes; founder of House Sitting Club. I am also a very experienced house sitter and proud Southlander from Invercargill, which is situated right down at the bottom of the exceptionally beautiful South Island of New Zealand. 

House Sitting started as a result of an accident and it’s consequences 


Right from a youngster, I have always loved animals. Being a very friendly kind of person, I’ve always thrived at helping people too, which is the very reason why I started house sitting. My first house sitting job came as the result of an accident and it’s lasting consequences. 


My life was pretty miserable to say the least as I had lost so much I enjoyed in life


I had to come out of my job as a Printer in 2006, because of a botched lumbar operation, which left me in incredible pain, but also changed my life. I was unable to work doing anything physical or help people again (or so I thought!) I had lost all the things I thrived at and sports that I played, not to mention a whole lot of friends as well. 


A phone call that changed my life for the better; a house sitting opportunity

Then one day I got a phone call that changed my life for the better. It was when our friends, who own Hawkdunrise B&B rung asking if I could “do them a big favour by house sitting for them” when they went away for 5 weeks. The house sitting job was caring for their vineyard and getting the mail along with caring for the dogs and chickens. 


Helping home owners by caring for their pets and properties is a whole new way of having holidays

I thrived at doing the house sitting whilst interacting with the pets. Collecting the mail, along with playing with the gorgeous dogs, and feeding the chooks, whilst collecting their daily eggs was just such a pleasure to me. It made me feel useful again. And so the start of a whole new way of having holidays! 


Much house sitting has inspired me to start a club for home owners, house sitters and pet owners of New Zealand’s beautiful South Island


As soon as I got home from house sitting I “google searched” and found an excellent website called Kiwi House Sitters. Not only is house sitting a lot of fun, it is an incredible way to save yourself thousands of dollars, by never having to pay accommodation costs! It is now 2020 and in all the 14 years I have been doing many house sitting jobs, and it has been through doing all these house sitting jobs that inspired me to start House Sitting Club. 


I welcome you all to feel free to ask any questions about house sitting, and in particular the gorgeous South Island of New Zealand, for which House Sitting Club specialises in. 


So here it is, this is House Sitting Club.