As dog food is such a widely used commodity, I thought that I would dedicate a page to it. I was approached by a company;  asking me to check out their study of dog foods, which they have tested. I was incredibly surprised by their findings on the dog foods that are supposed to be good; But are not! 

Are you being sold harmful dog food

It’s pretty scary when you find that the dog food you’ve been feeding your dog for years is dangerous! I find even more-so that the brand of dog food that’s been boasting how good the food is for your dog, is selling you something harmful. That is scary!

Well known dog food brands fail the tests of

Help your dog now by checking out with their guide to best dog foods.  You will be surprised how some of the well known makers of dog food, fail the tests!

I think that once you have studied up’s findings you will have a whole new perceptive on the food that you feed your dog. If you are anything like me; my dog’s health is extremely important to me.