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Take a good long cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy surfing through our website. . .

Like these frisky nosey little cuties: explore and find out what our  wonderful House Sitting Club is  about.


There are so many people wanting to know about house sitting our

beautiful southern Islands. Notice I said Islands?

Well yes; we have beautiful Stewart Island as well. How about a house

sitting job there? 




We of the beautiful Southern Islands of New Zealand are

blessed with some of the best scenery in the world! So why not go take a

house sitting holiday in places around the South Island? Places you’ve

always wanted to spend some time at? It’s so easy to do, and the

accommodation is free when you do a house sitting job.

A possible house sitting or pet sitting destination
Beautiful Oban, the only town on Stewart Island. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

Just some of the stunning scenery available to any South Island House Sitter

Splendid Lake Manapouri at dusk. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

When you open up our website you will see many ways that you can use our

House Sitting club including  

  • listing your name on our House Sitters Register

  • finding any listed South Island house sitting jobs

  • listing your house to get house sitters or pet sitters

  • pet care tips

Importantly there also is a page dedicated to showing you; the pet owner 5 very important tips on choosing a pet sitter.

This may in fact be the best advice you will get when it comes to finding your own very good house and pet sitter.

So, once again welcome, and enjoy our wonderful new website, but most importantly: welcome to a whole new way to experience pet minding in the beautiful and stunning South Island. Want to join us at House Sitting Club?

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