This is the easy way of becoming a House Sitter in New Zealand

Milford Sound, Southland, South Island, NZ

To become a House Sitter in the South Island of New Zealand, (NZ) the easiest way is to start off by looking at some NZ House Sitting websites.

New Zealand has a few great House Sitting websites (like this one of course, but this is a House Sitting Club website) You can also try looking at Kiwi House Sitters clicking on the South Island button.

There is also The House Sitting Company who look to be pretty good NZ House Sitting website.

I have written this to help make it as simple for you as I can, for you to become a House Sitter here in New Zealand.

Firstly though; here are a few things that you should know about before becoming a House Sitter in New Zealand…

  • You must be honest and caring
  • Care for pets and animals, with good pet handling skills                       
  • Clean and tidy, and respectful
  • have great initiative
  • be there to give the Home-Owner and House Sitter a great experience

If you possess these things, then you will make a great New Zealand House Sitter

A Good House Sitter’s Website

There is one really great New Zealand House Sitting website that will start your very exciting new life change The wonderful life, of being a House Sitter in New Zealand. I am lucky enough to be a New Zealand House Sitter.


Million dollar view, Southern Lakes district, South Island, New Zealand

Drum Roll Please…………..

The best New Zealand House Sitting website for you to use, to become a House Sitter in New Zealand is: Kiwi House Sitters. 

This definitely is the best New Zealand House Sitting website, to enable you to become a NZ House Sitter. I am not trying to sell you anything, nor am I affiliated to Kiwi House Sitters in any way. I am just telling you the truth about House Sitting websites in New Zealand.

So here it is: To register to become a Kiwi House Sitter click here
The Kiwi House Sitters Website
  • Extremely easy to use, it’s uncomplicated and well laid out
  • The most exciting NZ House Sitting listings by home and pet owners
  • List your own House Sit adverts free of charge
  • Very cheap to register as a House Sitter for Kiwi House Sitters (at $84NZ Dollars per year (it’s cheaper than a motel unit for one night stay) PLEASE NOTE: SPECIAL; Kiwi House Sitters is now $84.00 for 18 months!!!
  • They have testimonials and monthly statistics

If you are wanting a little more information about Kiwi House Sitters website then follow this link.


House Sitting Club is for helping people to find out about house sitting. I hope this helps you on the way to enjoying a new lifestyle: the house sitting lifestyle.