Ever wanted to live rent free in NZ without any rent payments?

Then you need to become a sought after House Sitter in NZ. 

By doing so, this should provide you with more NZ House Sitting jobs than you could possibly wish for, and lots of rent free NZ accommodation! I will tell you in the following article the ways to help make you a sought after House Sitter in beautiful NZ…


You need to convince the NZ homeowner that you have what it takes

New Zealand is a wonderful place to do House Sitting, so if you become a sought after House Sitter in NZ, then you will have a “step above the rest.” The average New Zealander is a friendly, easy going kind of person, but you still need to convince the homeowner that you have what it takes. To do so, there are a few things that you must do, or be capable of doing. Check out the following important tips to help make you highly sought after as a House Sitter in NZ…

Tips to help make you become a sought after House Sitter in NZ

  • You must show the homeowner and/or the pet owner that you are completely confident of doing the job, and all jobs associated with the House Sitting job
  • Show the NZ homeowner complete initiative; ask questions that are relevant to the job, which the homeowner has neglected to mention. For example: “Do you have enough food for the pet/s for the entirety of  your absence?” If they do not: find out where the food for the pet/s can be obtained
  • Send the odd photo of the pet/s having fun. This is a really important way of showing the pet owner that you are really doing a great job of keeping the pets happy. This makes the homeowner happy too, which is what you want
  • Keep the home tidier than what it was, before the homeowner left! The NZ homeowner will remember you for things like this.
  • You need to love animals and pets: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! (The NZ homeowner/pet owner obviously want to know that their beloved pet is in loving care) If the NZ homeowner has a pet, this will usually be their most important prerequisite
  • BE fully compliant with the NZ homeowner’s wishes, do what they say, and not what you think!
  • Ask what time they will be home on the last day of the NZ House Sitting job. If the NZ homeowner is going to be home later on in the day, make a lovely meal for them to come home to. This is the sought of  kind touch, that will stand you out from the rest of the House Sitters around, and will help you enable to become a sought after House Sitter in NZ.

If you do these thing’s, you should find that the NZ homeowner will love your service. They will most likely want you, for each time they wish to go away from home.


Always Remember: You are House Sitting for the homeowner. Always respect the homeowner’s wishes, for without the homeowner, there would be no need for a House Sitter.