Home, Pet, Animal Owners; Do you want to place an advert for “House Sitters Wanted?”

Well, here at House Sitting Club you can. We can place your advertisement for “House Sitters or Pet Sitters wanted” on this website. On House Sitting Club you will get worldwide exposure for your “House Sitter wanted” advert.

Write your own advert, or pay for a professional “House Sitter wanted” advert

There’s no cost to yourself the homeowner, pet owner; if you write your own “House Sitter wanted” advert, but you should include the points that are covered further down this page. There is also the option to pay a small price, for a professionally written “House Sitter wanted” advert, that can be used over and over again, on future advertisements for House Sitting.

House Sitting Club Adverts

Using House Sitting Club is great for huge exposure when you list “House Sitter wanted” adverts

The good points about using House Sitting Club.com to list your House Sitter adverts are as follows

  • High exposure for your “House Sitter wanted” adverts
  • Complete dedication to your House Sitter, Pet Sitter advertisement
  • You get to write up the advert, or; you can pay a Qualified Web Writer to do one for you
  • Friendly service. House Sitting Club is run by a friendly Southlander from beautiful Southland, New Zealand (Southlanders are known to be super friendly!)
  • Extremely helpful advice. House Sitting Club was specially formed by a very experienced House Sitter, to help you, the homeowner, pet owners, small farm owners and House Sitters themselves.

Place your advert for a House Sitter HERE by sending me an email.

List For Free: Your “House Sitter Wanted” Advert Here

This is where you list your own written “House Sitter wanted” adverts We will list your “House Sitter wanted” adverts Free Of Charge.

Send your in your own “House Sitter wanted” advert HERE

You will need to include in your House Sitter wanted advert, the following things

  1. Dates of departure and arrival (length of House Sit)
  2. Your pet details (how many of what)
  3. Photos; take good clear photos of your pets and around parts of your house and property
  4. A good description of your home
  5. What duties are expected of the House Sitters
  6. Some details about the particular area where you live

Please Note: House Sitting club.com will NOT be responsible for any mistakes or omissions in an advertisement written by yourself.

Get Your Professionally Written “House Sitter Wanted” Advert Here

Think how nice it would be, to have your House Sitter advert written by a professional Web Writer Being fully trained in Web Writing, your advertisement for “House Sitters Wanted” will get worldwide exposure!

Listing your “House Sitter wanted” adverts that are professionally written, is a breeze.

Home-owners, pet owners, small farm owners; send your copy with relevant details HERE We will write you up an advertisement that you can use over and over, saving you the hassle of worrying about it when you next need to get a House Sitter.


A small cost for something so helpful and useful

The cost to write up your professionally written “House Sitter wanted” advert is $25NZD. This also includes listing your “House Sitter wanted” advert. There is no time limit on how long your advertisement for a House Sitter will stay live. This means you can use it over and over for each House Sitting job requirement. You will only need to have your dates changed, and any other amendments.


House Sitting Club will not be held liable in any way, for any problems, scams, misleading information, or loss to either the House Sitters, or the home, pet, or animal owners. Any problems and or liabilities arising between the House Sitters, or the home-owners are solely between the House Sitter, and the home-owner, and must be dealt with between them.