Quick; Get the camera out!

Here’s some photos from some of the House Sitting I’ve done. But let’s also get House Sitters, Pet Sitters to send in their photos from House Sitting work that they’ve done. You can add to these House Sitting photos by sending them to me HERE.

Take House Sitting photos that are interesting to other House Sitters and Home Owners

Try to take House Sitting photos of the following

  • Your surroundings eg: nice scenery where you are House Sitting, or on your way to and from House Sitting jobs
  • Photos of the pets or animals and their funny antics or anything funny about them
  • Nice photos of yourselves if you wish (it would be nice to have House Sitting photos of fellow House Sitters, and it may also generate more House Sitting work!)

Having a Website with House Sitting Photos helps create interest for other House Sitters and Home Owners

If we can create a mosaic of House Sitting photos, it will help this website to become a lot more interesting. Having photos of fellow House Sitters will also be interesting to Home Owners who may wish to use the services of pictured House Sitters.  Taking photos whilst doing House Sitting work, makes a very good pastime as you do your House Sitting work.

Toby my Cocker Spaniel

Near Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

Oban, Stewart Island, Stewart Island House Sitting job. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

Judd. West Coast House Sitting job

Rock Fishing on Stewart Island. Stewart Island House Sitting job.

Road trip to South Island’s West Coast NZ

West Coast South Island, House Sitting job.

Old Cottage on Stewart Island. Photo by Jeff Hawkes