An easy to follow guide to find your BEST Pet Sitter

Wanting to choose the best pet sitter, or just any old pet sitter.

For most pet owners, their pet means everything to them. When a home owner goes on holiday, they most likely want their pet to be as well cared for as possible. There’s a difference between pet sitters, and you can easily spot it in your initial interview with them. Below I have got the very best tips for choosing between just a pet sitter, and a really good caring one. So take a look, if you really want help to get the best pet sitter you can find.

Choosing The Best Pet Sitter

Doing the right research before committing to a pet sitter is extremely important

Here are 5 very important tips to help you choose the best Pet Sitter for your pets

  1. Has the Pet Sitting applicant related to your pet/s during your initial meeting If they haven’t related to your pets or animals, treat that as a warning that they may not be suitable (I certainly wouldn’t choose this person!)
  2. Ask the person if they have any pets or have had pets Straight away you will see, if they like animals!
  3. Find out the interests or hobbies of Pet Sitter This gives you insight as to how motivated the person sitting your pet is.
  4. Ask: “why the Pet Sitter applicant is applying for the job of sitting your pet? If the potential pet sitter talks only about : “what they are going to go see”, or “what they will be “doing” while supposedly sitting pet for you, then DON’T consider them, they are only using you for a “free ride” and NOT the RIGHT REASONS which is: YOUR PETS
  5. Consider: is the Pet Sitting applicant, physically able to  attend to your pet’s needs This is one of the most important points: the Pet Sitter applicant needs to answer: YES
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Having read through this article, you should now find the process of finding a good House Sitter and Pet Sitter, much easier. You will find your pets will be very happy and relaxed when you get home.

Jeff Hawkes, founder House Sitting Club

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