House Sitting is able to provide Southland pet owners with extremely trustworthy Pet Sitters, House Sitters.
Being a Pet owner, whilst you are absent; you want your pet to be in caring hands, but also under no stress. Well, House Sitting has recently been busy supplying some Southland pet owners with House Sitters. People who will come into your home and care for your pets and property.
Why get a House Sitter

There are some extremely good reasons for getting a reliable House Sitter to come into your Southland home as follows

  • Pets will be far less stressed when you go away, if at all as they will be still living in their own environment
  • Not only are your pets and animals cared for, but also your Southland home and property
  • Your Southland home and property will have the added security of it being occupied by careful trustworthy House Sitters, while you are away from home

Get quality, trustworthy House Sitters from House Sitting

If you want to get a quality House Sitter from House Sitting then CLICK HERE to contact me. I can also provide you with other very friendly, trustworthy House Sitters.

Invercargill Cities beautiful Queens Park Botanical Gardens.

House Sitting in Invercargill City, Southland

House Sitting in Invercargill city is really starting to take off, with many happy Invercargill pet owners benefiting from having used a House Sitter from House Sitting I have done quite a few Invercargill House Sitting jobs myself. To some, it may seem silly, me House Sitting in my own town, but I do it to help people, pure and simple. It doesn’t worry me, in fact, it is quite good because I’m still able to go home when I want, if I want!

Here is an instance (this is a true story) when a House Sitter is truly “worth their weight in gold”…

Helping the sick and needy

The Invercargill pet owner has cancer and has been undergoing horrible bouts of Chemo, and Radio Therapy. A House Sitter is provided by House Sitting to care for the Invercargill pet owner’s house, pet and property. This not only helps the sick Invercargill pet owner stress a little less, but it also helps to keep the pet much less stressed, than being put into Boarding Kennels, and Catteries.

Southland Farmlet owners can now get a holiday and not worry about their property or stock

If you own a Southland Lifestyle farm, or Hobby farm, or Farmlet; going on a holiday is quite difficult because of the animals. This is where getting a quality House Sitter from House Sitting is so useful.

Leave your Southland Farmlet to an experienced and trustworthy House Sitter at a small cost

For a small fee, you can have your Southland Farmlet cared for, while you go away for a well earned break! It doesn’t cost much, but for the peace of mind, and the holiday, without worry, it’s so worth it! You can go away for months at a time, without worry! How good would that be?

Each Southland Farm Sitting job is different, so therefore, each will be quoted on a case by case basis.