We Don’t Ever Have To Pay For Accommodation Whilst On Holiday

We don’t ever have to pay for our accommodation whilst on holiday EVER. We can holiday virtually anywhere RENT FREE! It’s so simple; this has changed our lives forever. Want to find out how to holiday virtually anywhere rent free? Read on…


How to holiday virtually anywhere; rent free

How do we get to have a holiday without paying rent? We go House Sitting. House Sitting is something a dear friend told us about. I looked up House Sitting, and found out more about how House Sitting works.


Sydney Opera House


We joined two House Sitting websites

I found if we joined certain House Sitting websites as House Sitters, we could go House Sitting around the world.

Kiwi House Sitters Website

The first House Sitting Website that we looked at, was a New Zealand House Sitting website called Kiwi House Sitters.

When we registered as Kiwi House Sitters we found we could get the contact details for all NZ House Sitting jobs, and then apply. There is minimal cost; in fact to register as a Kiwi House Sitter it cost us only $65 NZ per year. This is less than the cost of a NZ motel for a day!

Aussie House Sitters Website

The second House Sitting Website we became registered House Sitters, was on the Aussie House Sitters Website. To register to become an Aussie House Sitter, click on this link. Aussie House Sitters was, and still is, a very low cost option for all our Australian accommodation. It costs only $65 Australian, for one year to become a registered Aussie House Sitter, giving you access to all Aussie House Sits! Both my wife and myself, can now holiday virtually anywhere, rent free, in Australia and New Zealand.

Huge Money Savings $$$

Money we saved from our latest rent free holiday

We’ve just returned from six weeks holiday in Central Otago NZ. Living without any accommodation costs we saved at least $4200NZD.* This was a six week holiday with rent free  accommodation. It was fantastic; huge money savings for us!


Some of our recent RENT FREE holidays have also included

Oban waterfront, Stewart Island

Oban waterfront, Stewart Island


  • Stewart Island, Southland, New Zealand we stayed: 7 weeks of amazing scenery, in the most stunning location in NZ! We paid no accommodation rental costs at all!
  • Alexandra, New Zealand we stayed: 5 weeks accommodation without any rent cost.
  • Adelaide, Australia we stayed: 13 days without paying one cent in rent costs.
  • Charleston, New Zealand we stayed 10 days; a RENT FREE holiday.
  • Clyde, New Zealand we stayed 10 days, in a beautiful location, again; no accommodation rental costs! 


Over the five holidays: accommodation costs we saved, was enormous

We saved an average of $150NZD per day: (117 days x $150.) Therefore Rental costs saved = $1755oNZD. By having a rent free holiday, we have saved an enormous amount of money.



A Horse of Course! Lorenzo. Central Otago House Sitting adventure 2016.


Holidays are fun to plan

We plan our holidays now, with the only real worry being: “where will we holiday next?” Not: “how much will this cost us? What sort of pets will we look after: the choice is ours, and it’s fun! We can choose where we holiday, and not worry about rental accommodation.


The costs, really, are only those in getting to and from your House Sit

Your costs are more based upon how you will travel to your desired holiday destination. This is fine, because you may only want to drive around your own country, for your next House Sit. There is the cost of your travel, and your spending money, but your saving is huge, with rent free accommodation.

House Sitting; it is: how to holiday virtually anywhere, rent free.

*$4200NZD =  At least $100/night (equals equivalent of a minimum nights stay in a very cheap motel) x 42 nights